Defining what is constant and what isn't

“The only constant in life is change,” we hear this alot.

Here is a different view. Perhaps, life never changes. Perhaps, life lies there, perfect and finished: a constant. What if, the thing that changes, however, is us.

Let’s imagine life as a giant movie theater screen; it is never changing, while the pictures on it do.

Perhaps here, in this space/time paradigm, we are the projectors in the theater, each casting a different imagine on “life”, or the movie screen.

Life has laws, it has principles, and overall, it is predictable; pigs don’t fly, unsupported objects fall to the ground, material things don’t flicker in and out of existence, etc. So life is pretty stable.

We, however, with our constant flow of thoughts, beliefs, dreams, and hopes, are constantly changing the picture on the screen of life, and we are not all in the same theater, looking at the screen from different perspectives and seeing different imagines, but we are all in our OWN movie theaters, creating our own unique movies.

The only thing all of the theaters have in common is the nice, silver screen which holds the pictures together. Aside from that, our movies are a delicious smoothie, blended of all of our individual outlooks.

Another example, we are all living on a white plane (not a flying plane, but a plane of existence), but each of our individual experiences, thoughts, and beliefs, are what give flavor, sensation, and color to that white plane. Although we are all living on the same white plane, called life, we each see different colors, feel different sensations, and add different flavors; each perceiving life differently.